Larry’s Top 5 Checklist for Buyers Who Want to Sell at Top Price

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The interior of your home will influence a buyer most of all

Its important that before I bring in prospective buyers of your property that you naturally adhere to this checklist to help you achieve the best possible price for your house.

    1. Sparkling Clean – not enough can be said about a property that just shows sparkling clean. Of course, a lick of paint here, or a polish there, will not harm your chances of getting top dollar either! A modest amount of dollars, time and sweat equity that certain touch ups will achieve can make the difference in your final selling price.
    2. Décor – If you are someone who loves bright colours and each of your rooms is painted in strong bold colours, you should definitely consider re-painting and select more neutral tones, remember you are only doing this to sell your home faster and for top dollar.
    3. Clutter – If you and/or your family have a lot of ‘stuff’, furniture, decorative items, ornaments and the like, you may wish to clear as much of it away in boxes, and store it away for your future home. Prospective buyers want to be able to imagine their ‘stuff’ in your place, so your stuff will just get in the way of them trying to visualize your home as theirs. Remember this exercise is about selling your home faster and for top dollar.
    4. Stain Removals – If you’ve been meaning to get to remove those stains off your carpets, sinks, tub, countertops or tiles, now is the time to do so. Unsightly stains just turns potential buyers off.
    5. Exteriors – Balconies of condos, and/or gardens of detached homes should not be forgotten. Grass needs to be trimmed, balconies need washing and a cheerful potted flowering plant near a doorway won’t hurt you either.

Attention to these small details is what will capture the imagination of a prospective buyer most and make them want to pay more for it as well.

Hi, I'm Larry. I'd love to connect. My focus is on downtown Vancouver real estate in the neighborhoods of Yaletown, Kitsilano, False Creek, Coal Harbour, Gastown, and the West End. Buying Vancouver real estate is a big decision and it can be an emotional time. I put your needs first and work around your schedule.


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